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Westpac Place, Sydney

Westpac Place, in Sydney is a 32 storey, 75,000m2 integrated office fitout. The overall design philosophy for the building is a metaphor for a city incorporating diverse design approach on different floors. Levels 18, 19 and 20 were designed as the ‘Radial” floors which incorporated sharp angled architectural elements including walls and joinery.

As the tea point joinery was conceptualised as a ‘red jagged’ element, a material was required to feature a seamless look join to all edges, with a bold strong red colour which would express the design in a 3 dimensional sense. Various materials were considered, but Corian® satisfied both the aesthetic and functional criteria, and was used for the benchtop surfaces.

Project Details

Design By: Geyer in collaboration with Hassell
Fabrication: H. Dallas Industries
  • Benchtop
  • Table

CORIAN® Colours


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