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Watsons Bay House

This residence, nestled in the Watsons Bay Heritage Conservation Area, embodies a harmonious blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary design principles. Its structure, a three-level house, pays homage to the architectural heritage of the area’s original fishing village cottages. Yet, it diverges into modernity with its innovative use of space, materials, and integration with its surrounding environment. The design masterfully balances the old and the new, creating a living space that respects its historical context while embracing the comforts and stylistic elements of contemporary living.

One of the house’s standout features is its seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. The front verandah offers expansive views of the adjacent national park, providing a serene backdrop for reflection and relaxation. In contrast, the rear of the house opens to the lush canopy of Camp Cove Reserve, immersing the occupants in a tranquil, green retreat. This thoughtful orientation not only maximizes the scenic vistas but also enhances the natural light and ventilation throughout the home, fostering a healthy and vibrant living environment.

The interior design continues this theme of blending tradition with modernity. In the heart of the kitchen sits an island bench designed as a lightweight piece of furniture that features slender steel legs that gracefully support a thin 12mm Corian® benchtop. This choice of material and design not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the space but also speaks to the home’s contemporary ethos. The Corian® shroud encapsulating the dishwasher and storage solutions beneath the island enhances the clean, minimalist look.

Further exemplifying the innovative use of materials is the study area, where Corian® once again plays a pivotal role. Here, bookshelves are ingeniously crafted by sleeving Corian® over a plywood substrate, resulting in durable, 50mm thick shelves. This design choice eliminates the need for applied finishes, allowing the shelves to withstand the wear and tear of daily use without showing signs of aging. It’s a testament to the home’s commitment to durability and low maintenance, key tenets of modern living.

The selection of Corian® Glacier White for these elements is intentional, mirroring the home’s all-white interior palette. This choice not only amplifies the sense of space and light but also creates a serene and cohesive environment. The neutral surface finish of the Corian® complements the interior’s minimalist aesthetic, serving as a subtle backdrop that allows the home’s architectural features and the natural beauty of its surroundings to take center stage.

Project Details

Design By: Ian Moore Architects
Builder: Bright Build
Joiner: Blank Joinery
Fabrication: SCF Interiors
Photography: Clinton Weaver

Kitchen and Laundry bench tops, splash back, island bench shroud, desktops and study shelving.

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