*Selecting the ideal colour of Corian®

To ensure you gain the greatest satisfaction from owning and living with Corian®, please consider the following information when selecting your colour: When choosing your colour of Corian®, keep in mind that like most materials, dark, heavily pigmented colours are more sensitive and require more care and attention to maintain their look.

Dark colours of Corian® tend to show every day wear and tear, including light scratching, more readily in high use horizontal areas (eg. kitchen benchtops). These colours are marked with an asterisk (*). To ensure we meet your expectations, customers should be aware of the extra care needed. Scratching is not considered a product defect and hence not covered by the 10 – year warranty.

With Corian® you also have the choice of three finishes – matte, satin (standard) and gloss. To achieve a finish that is easy to maintain, a matte or satin finish is recommended. Your long term satisfaction with Corian® is important to us.

Please consult your Corian® specialist or the Corian® Customer Service Centre on 1300 795 044 when choosing your Corian® colour and finish.

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