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21 Feb 2023

Corian Solid Surface. Zero Silica. Since 1967

One of the benefits of Corian® Solid Surface is that it contains zero silica, making it safe for everyone to make a responsible surface selection to specify, manufacture and install into homes and businesses across Australia.

Zero Silica in the home – Future proof your safety

When the time comes to refurbish or renew your benchtop surface, you can be safe in the knowledge that  Corian® Solid Surface can be renewed or removed without generating silica dust in the process.

Zero Silica on building sites

As Corian® Solid Surface contains zero silica this ensures no risk of silica exposure when working at the fabrication level or during installation on building sites. By specifying Corian® Solid Surface, you are making it easier to maintain a safe work site and keeping those working with the material safe.

Corian® can be used in a wide range of applications, including:


It is a highly versatile material that can be moulded and shaped into almost any design, making it perfect for creating customised and unique interiors.

By choosing Corian® Solid Surface, you can be part of the movement to protect our tradespeople and create a safer, healthier work environment. It is a material that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations in both design and safety.