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27 Mar 2023

Introducing Corian Overbed Tables: The Latest Innovation in Aged and Healthcare Design

Overbed tables have become a staple in healthcare settings as they offer patients a surface to place their meals, medications, and other essential items. However, traditional overbed tables have several limitations that make them less than ideal for long-term use. For example, these tables are often made of materials that wear poorly over time, making them challenging to maintain. Additionally, traditional overbed tables may not be hygienic enough for hospital and aged care environments, where infection control is critical.

To address these issues, Corian® overbed tables have emerged as a new solution for healthcare facilities. Corian® is a high-quality, non-porous material that is resistant to stains and easy to clean, making it an excellent option for use in aged and healthcare environments. Unlike traditional overbed tables, which may develop scratches or dents over time, Corian® tables are incredibly durable and can withstand significant wear and tear. They are also easy to repair and renew, which can save healthcare facilities money on maintenance costs over time.

In addition to their durability and ease of maintenance, Corian® overbed tables are also incredibly hygienic. They are designed to resist the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, which can help improve infection control in healthcare settings. This makes them an excellent choice for use in hospital and aged care environments, where preventing the spread of disease is a top priority.

Another benefit of Corian® overbed tables is that they are resistant to warping or bubbling under hot food trays. Additionally, Corian® tables come in a range of colours and designs, allowing healthcare facilities to choose the option that best fits their needs and aesthetic preferences.

Corian® overbed tables offer a superior solution to traditional overbed tables for healthcare facilities. They are durable, easy to maintain, and hygienic, making them an ideal option for use in aged care and hospital environments. By investing in Corian® overbed tables, healthcare facilities can help improve patient care, reduce maintenance costs, and promote infection control, ultimately providing a better experience for patients and staff alike.

To learn more about Corian® overbed tables and their benefits, explore our range or contact our team for more information.