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27 Jun 2024

Corian® in Hospitality

Reef Hotel, Hamilton Island ‘Curtain Wall’ in Corian® Glacier White

Across the world, Corian® Solid Surface is at the heart of some of the most distinctive and innovative contemporary hospitality and hotel designs because of its inherent hygienic properties, practicality and design flexibility.


W Sydney Hotel Guest Bathroom Vanity in Corian® Evening Prima


Whether it’s the reception area or the bedroom; a fresh, clean, welcoming environment can turn a one-time visitor into a regular guest.

With Corian® Solid Surface, designers can create a guest bathroom that offers an inviting space for the weary traveller. The material can be shaped to cover the walls of a shower room, seamlessly integrating useful details such as soap holders and shelves, or moulded to form stylish, distinctive vanity tops.

Recognised for its unique hygienic properties, Corian® is solid, non-porous and joined with inconspicuous seams, hence  there is no proliferation of grout, bacteria or mould. This makes Corian® quick and easy to clean saving time and lowering operational cost.

Central Park Cafe, Hemingway main lobby / cafe counter in Corian® Witch Hazel


Bupdapest Cafe, Melbourne Splashback and Benchtop in Corian® Vanilla


Restaurants, bars, and cafes serve as hubs where customers can relax and socialise.

Corian® Solid Surface is versatile and adaptable to various dining and entertaining needs, meeting the highest hygiene standards while providing a stylish setting for enjoying meals and drinks with friends and family.

Its non-porous surface prevents marks and stains and is easy to clean and maintain, which is crucial in a commercial setting.

With a wide array of colours and design options, Corian® Solid Surface allows venues to create an inviting atmosphere and uphold a strong brand presence.