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Toorak House: Blending Mid-Century Charm with Contemporary Elegance

Nestled in the scenic lanes of Toorak, stands a mid-century gem that has witnessed the laughter and memories of two family generations. As times change and aesthetics evolve, homes too require a touch of modernity, and that’s exactly what Melanie Beynon Architecture and Design set out to do with the Toorak House.

Melanie and the team embarked on a journey to transform this iconic residence. Respecting its architectural roots was paramount, but so was infusing it with contemporary design elements. The reimagined space mirrors the growing aspirations and needs of the family. Open spaces, well-lit nooks, and intimate corners make up this redesigned marvel, with a special nod to the central mud room graced with Corian® surfaces.

When curating a space intended to span generations, the choice of materials becomes critical. Durability, tactile charm, and a touch of luxury were non-negotiable. Enter Corian®. The benchtops and integrated sinks crafted from Corian® not only promised longevity but also gelled seamlessly with the home’s revamped contemporary vibe.

Staying true to the original footprint while introducing modern design elements was no mean feat. However, the outcome was a harmonious blend of form and functionality. The heart of the home, the kitchen, bathes in natural sunlight, thanks to its strategically placed skylights. The White Onyx Corian® surfaces add a soft, warm touch, making the space welcoming.

Even the smaller spaces weren’t overlooked. The bathrooms and the powder room, while compact, are a testament to ingenious design. The contrast of hand-crafted tiles with the sophisticated Corian® surfaces reflects the client’s penchant for a tactile, robust material palette. The custom Corian® sinks and vanity tops lend an uninterrupted, luxe finish that’s hard to miss.

The superiority of Corian® in finish and stain-resistant nature became apparent as the project unfolded. Its easy maintenance, combined with its aesthetic appeal, undoubtedly makes it a top choice for residential projects that seek a balance between elegance and everyday functionality.

Every corner of the Toorak House tells a story. The warm undertones of the Tasmanian Oak joinery and floors form a delightful dance with the marbled White Onyx Corian®, creating spaces that exude both nostalgia and modern charm.

The Toorak House transformation is a testament to the timeless beauty of Corian® and the magic that happens when mid-century aesthetics are reimagined with a touch of today.

Project Details

Design By: Melanie Beynon Architecture and Design
Joiner: SG Building Group
Photography: Dave Kulesza Photography
  • 12mm benchtops
  • Splasback
  • Vanity top
  • Basin

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