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McDonald’s Sydney International Airport

Floating above the departing passengers, and announcing itself from afar, is a glowing yellow glass box; a new McDonald’s at Sydney Airport’s Terminal 1, designed by Landini Associates in collaboration with McDonald’s Australia. The brief for the restaurant was simple: create an iconic, memorable customer experience, like nothing seen before in  restaurant design. For Landini, this meant doing something innovative, an example of how McDonald’s continues to push boundaries in design.

Functionality is important in these areas, yes, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of aesthetics. There needs to be a middle ground, where space is open and contemporary, high traffic surfaces are easily managed, and design serves all purposes.  For high traffic surfaces, a special finish is needed – and never is this more obvious than in an airport restaurant.  Corian® solid surfaces  are available in a wide variation of colours, each colour’s depth and intensity, and of course the clever material’s hygienic properties,  and ease of cleaning make them a suitable choice.

The ability to have a seamless finish, with the joins being able to be fused together and sanded to appear seamless, was key for the designers in finishing this project. This allows the counter to stand alone as a monolithic structure as opposed to being broken up visually with join lines. Ensuring the design operates as one wholly envisioned idea, rather than serving as  broken up sections that interrupt the eye line and cause spatial confusion for anyone dining in the space.

Corian® is a versatile material with many uses. Being able to frame the Self Order Counters in the same material as the counter allows for seamless design integration throughout the space. And with such performance at such high traffic customer touch points, it’s obvious why the brand name is synonymous with quality.

Corian® was chosen for its colour range and also for its proven performance in high-use areas as being durable, easy to maintain and highly resistant to staining.

Project Details

Design By: Landini Associates, www.landiniassociates.com
Builder: Clifford Constructions
Joiner: S & A Simpson Commercial Pty Ltd
Fabrication: S & A Simpson Commercial Pty Ltd
Photography: Trevor Mein
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