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Brighton East Home

Located in Brighton East, this stunning open living home is a beacon of modern design. With ample natural light pouring through large windows and expansive glass sliding doors that open directly to the backyard, the interior spaces are bathed in a warm, inviting glow. The focal point of this sophisticated home is the remarkable curved kitchen island. This island, along with other benchtops in the home, is made from Corian® Solid Surface, a zero silica alternative to engineered stone that is celebrated for its safety and aesthetic appeal making the island not just a functional centerpiece but a testament to contemporary craftsmanship and design.

A standout feature of Corian® is its ability to be thermoformed and create inconspicuous joins, resulting in a smooth, seamless, and uninterrupted surface. Newgrove Benchtops ensured a flawless integration by ordering Corian® sheets in consecutive batch numbers, ensuring a harmonious flow of grains throughout the benchtop design. The chosen colour, Corian® Rain Cloud boast soft greys and organic veining which infuses natural elegance into the kitchen, elevating its overall aesthetic.

Beyond the kitchen, the versatility of Corian® extends to other areas of the home. The same attention to detail is evident in the laundry benchtop and study table, both fashioned from Corian® Rain Cloud to maintain a cohesive aesthetic. The soft greys and organic veining of Rain Cloud create a consistent design language that seamlessly connects each room. Continuing this theme of elegance and cohesion, the bathroom vanity is crafted from sleek 12mm Corian® Glacier White with curved edges. The pristine white surface exudes modernity and cleanliness, complementing the home’s overall design with finesse.

The expertise of Justin, the lead fabricator from Newgrove Benchtops, was instrumental in the project’s success. With over two decades of experience, Justin’s profound understanding of Corian® facilitated innovative and precise execution of this complex design. His mastery ensured that even the most challenging aspects were completed to the highest standards, further enhancing the home’s allure.


Project Details

Builder: Liefting Merlo Homes
Joiner: T&M Cabinetry
Fabrication: Newgrove Benchtops
Photography: Impress Photography
  • Kitchen island
  • Kitchen benchtop
  • Laundry benchtop
  • Study table
  • Bathroom vanity

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