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Ahead of the Curve – La Casa Curvilínea

La Casa Curvilínea is truly ahead of the curve with its minimal, modern interpretation of Mediterranean design by the visionary duo, Tyson and Teegan Doherty of Doherty Building Group. This beautiful four-bedroom family home is a symphony of gentle curves, warm hues, and innovative materials. At the heart of this serene abode lies its kitchen and pantry, a testament to the elegance and functionality of Corian® products, seamlessly integrated into the warm and creamy colour palette inspired by the late afternoon sun of the Mediterranean.

“Every facet of the home has been thoughtfully curated to offer a living experience that is not only practical but warm, inviting and visually striking.” Says Tyson.

The kitchen, designed with meticulous attention to detail features skillfully made joinery by SCLK and incorporates integrated sinks, splashbacks and benchtops by Newgrove Benchtops. The island bench is a cantilevered masterpiece that echoes the arches that frame the giant ceiling void, bringing a sense of continuity and flow to the space. The choice of Corian® for the kitchen is no coincidence. Known for its durability, non-porous nature, and seamless appearance, Corian® is the ideal material for a space that is as much a gathering place as it is a functional area for culinary exploration. Its ability to be moulded into virtually any shape allows for the creation of fluid forms that embody the curvilinear essence of La Casa Curvilínea.

The application of Corian® extends beyond the kitchen, finding its place in the ensuit vanity and washplane, where the material’s versatility and aesthetic appeal are once again on full display. In these spaces, Corian®’s seamless integration contributes to the overall calm and refined atmosphere that Teegan and Tyson aimed to achieve, proving that functionality and beauty can coexist.

In this home, Teegan and Tyson have not only created a space that is a testament to their skills and vision but also a sanctuary that reflects the beauty of minimalism, the warmth of the Mediterranean, and the innovative possibilities of modern materials like Corian®.

Project Details

Design By: Dan Van Architects
Builder: Doherty Building Group
Joiner: SCLK Kitchens
Fabrication: Newgrove Benchtops
Photography: Dave Kulesza Photography
  • Benchtops
  • Splash back
  • Integrated sink
  • Kitchen Island
  • Bathroom vanity and washplane

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