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Ora Apartments

Nestled along the beachfront of Sorrento WA, Ora Apartments stands as a testament to the pinnacle of coastal living. This exquisite residential haven, crafted by the esteemed architects and visionary interior design teams of MJA Studio, introduces you to the epitome of “barefoot luxury.” Among the many highlights is the Corian® Rain Cloud kitchen island, a symbol of sophistication and practicality seamlessly integrated into the heart of these luxurious spaces.

From sumptuous materials to the allure of resort-style amenities, Ora harmoniously weaves together the tapestry of opulence and the relaxed coastal lifestyle. Step into a world where every detail exudes timeless elegance, and the rhythmic waves echo the transcendent ambiance of your new sanctuary by the sea. Welcome to Ora Apartments, where luxury meets the shore.

Corian® takes centre stage in Ora Apartments, selected for its transformative ability to craft a sculptural ambiance. The distinctive choice of fluted and curved Corian® frontal panels for the kitchen island infuses a sculptural quality. This deliberate selection becomes a defining feature within the project’s 78 apartments, harmonising seamlessly with the breathtaking coastal surroundings and the architectural beauty that sets Ora apart. Corian® becomes a tactile and visual narrative, contributing to the timeless and luxurious aesthetic that envelopes every facet of the Ora project.

Ora Apartments’ provide additional luxury in each bathroom, where custom Corian® vanities, seamlessly flow within this space. Each owner will enjoy integrated Corian® washbasins that redefine bathroom aesthetics. Ora Apartments brings the epitome of style, combining functionality and beauty in every corner.

Ora Apartments is committed to sustainable design principles, aiming to achieve a 5-star Greenstar rating (or equivalent). This commitment to sustainability aligns with the modern focus on environmentally responsible living, ensuring that Ora remains a harmonious addition to its coastal surroundings.

Project Details

Design By: MJA Studio
Joiner: Ballpoint
Fabrication: Inspired Cabinets and Prestige Solid Surfaces
Photography: MJA Studio
  • Benchtops
  • Vanity Benchtops
  • Basins

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