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Ora Apartments

Perched on the picturesque beachfront of Sorrento, Ora Apartments offers residents the ultimate coastal living experience. The soothing sound of the waves and the endless horizon of the ocean are no longer just vacation highlights but daily companions to the fortunate few who call Ora home. This luxurious residential project, designed by the acclaimed architects and interior design teams at MJA Studio, embodies the concept of “barefoot luxury.” From opulent materials to resort-like amenity spaces, Ora seamlessly blends high-end living with the laid-back coastal lifestyle, creating a timeless and transcendent environment.

Ora’s design revolves around the essence of coastal living. With a range of one, two, three-bedroom residences and a limited release of three and four-bedroom penthouses, known as the Cascade Collection, this project caters to a variety of residents who want to immerse themselves in the beauty of the coastline. The interiors are designed to transcend trends, seamlessly integrating the coast’s colors, shapes, and materials into each living space, all while maintaining a relaxed coastal atmosphere.

Corian® was chosen as a central material in Ora Apartments for its ability to create a sculptural look, reminiscent of natural stone, all while remaining cost-effective. This choice underscores the commitment to achieving luxury without compromising on practicality or budget constraints.

The Ora project is unique due to its stunning coastal location, beautiful architecture, and exciting interior design. The project’s use of Corian® in the kitchen and bathroom areas contributes to its timeless and luxurious aesthetic.

The project’s use of Corian® as a central material in the kitchen and bathroom areas has yielded unique and sculptural design pieces that can be easily replicated throughout the project’s 78 apartments. Ora’s distinctive and engaging design approach is sure to captivate the attention of potential buyers, making it an attractive choice for those seeking coastal luxury.

Ora Apartments is committed to sustainable design principles, aiming to achieve a 5-star Greenstar rating (or equivalent). This commitment to sustainability aligns with the modern focus on environmentally responsible living, ensuring that Ora remains a harmonious addition to its coastal surroundings.

Project Details

Design By: MJA Studio
Fabrication: Inspired Cabinets and Prestige Solid Surfaces
Photography: MJA Studio
  • Benchtops
  • Vanity Benchtops
  • Basins

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