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Rhodes House, West Perth

The team at Cameron Chisholm Nicol worked closely with the client to design a personalised office space on Level 3, a café, additional office tenancies, amenities, and a basement EOT facility.
The design of the Interior is bold in colour but minimalistic in form with sculptural Corian® elements that anchor the meeting/social spaces.

The client desired a grand custom kitchen and outdoor BBQ that would be designed to accommodate for larger functions. Corian® allowed the design team to achieve an oversized kitchen and BBQ that have become these sculptural minimalistic statement pieces in the space.

Situated near the entrance on Ground floor is the cafe that draws elements inspired by the Rhodes Ridley truck through its shapes, textures, and metal features. The cafe is a modern art deco design wrapped in fluted Corian® with embellished brass accents.

“We love the durability of Corian® and how you can achieve a grand kitchen that looks seamless without visible joins. The flexibility of the product is very extensive. Corian® allowed us to use it both indoors and outdoors, and we were able to explore and not be limited by standard shapes and sizes- which was a must for this project.
Corian® allowed us to design a large monolithic kitchen and BBQ, a minimalistic vanity for the master ensuite, and a café incorporating fluted Corian®.” said Louise Ignatescu.

The client and the design team at Cameron Chisholm Nicol were very pleased with the outcome of using Corian®. The café has kept its original design and elements with the fluted Corian® effortlessly wrapping around the cafe. The kitchen and BBQ became beautiful sculptures within the space without the concern of join lines or needing to minimise the size to match slab sizes. Corian® allowed the original design intent to follow through without needing to compromise on anything.

The Interior design team initially had some concerns on trying to use a fluted Corian® profile that needed to also curve around the café but were very impressed with the results of how seamless and organic Corian® is and how the fluted profile wrapped around perfectly.

Project Details

Design By: Interior Designer's: Maryjo Anne Estacio, Griselda Fernandez & Louise Ignatescu from Cameron Chisholm Nicol
Builder: Built
Joiner: Domain Interiors and base build by Ferguson Corporation
Fabrication: Domain Interiors
Photography: Dion Robeson & Louise Ignatescu of Dion Robeson
  • Washplane
  • Benchtops
  • Textured Surfaces

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