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Beach View Residence: A Luxurious Day Spa Retreat Transformed

Birdblack Design, led by designer Stuart Gibson, has successfully transformed a standard bathroom into a breathtaking day spa retreat in the Beach View Residence. The project, which aimed to create a beautiful haven for the empty-nester clients, involved combining the main bathroom and WC to create one large, seamless space. Birdblack Design drew inspiration from the desire to incorporate continuous ledges throughout the room, stretching from the bath to the vanity, shower, and even around the toilet. The choice of Corian® Dune Prima, a versatile solid surface material, played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life.

Corian® was selected for its ability to seamlessly bind together, resulting in a flawless appearance where the curves appear effortless. The malleability of Corian® allowed the basin to blend harmoniously with the benchtop, creating a unified and visually pleasing aesthetic. The stone pattern and movement of Corian® worked in perfect harmony with the natural movement of Venetian Plaster covering the walls and ceiling. Not only is Corian® resistant to staining, but its non-porous nature ensures that it stays new and clean for an extended period, making it an ideal choice for a bathroom environment.

The uniqueness of Corian® lies in its versatility and ability to be moulded, bent, and curved, providing endless design possibilities. Birdblack Design was able to create custom basins with seamless joins and curves, turning the Beach View Residence into a visually captivating space. By incorporating curves into the bathroom design, the team moved away from conventional boxy layouts and added a warm and inviting element. Venetian Plaster was applied extensively, including the ceiling, adding movement and enhancing the overall ambiance. The Corian® surfaces, along with the copper tapware, create a beautiful complement throughout the space.

Birdblack Design describes the project as a delightful experience, with Corian® proving to be a fun and versatile material to work with. The seamless joins and strength of Corian® allowed the designers to explore various shapes and forms, resulting in a unique and personalized day spa haven. The clients are ecstatic with the outcome and proudly showcase the space to their guests, creating a queue of visitors eager to experience the luxurious bathroom retreat.

The Beach View Residence stands as a testament to the exceptional possibilities offered by Corian®. Its seamless nature, adaptability, and ability to create stunning curves make it a go-to choice for designers seeking to push the boundaries of creativity. With Corian® Dune Prima as the star of this renovation project, the clients are overjoyed with the transformation and eagerly share their day spa haven with others.

Project Details

Design By: Stuart Gibson of Birdblack Design
Fabrication: Best Kitchens
Photography: Better Together Photography Co

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