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The H2 Home Project Blends Contemporary Design with Seamless Curves and Tranquil Aesthetics

Rust Architecture Design, a leading design firm, has unveiled their latest masterpiece, the H2 Home project, situated on the stunning waterfront of Southeast Queensland. This contemporary two-level residence was meticulously crafted to embrace the region’s climate, capturing abundant daylight, refreshing breezes, and creating a serene sanctuary for its inhabitants. With a focus on livability and entertaining, the H2 Home seamlessly integrates Corian® surfaces, incorporating fluid curves throughout the design to achieve a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere.

The H2 Home project showcases Rust Architecture Design’s commitment to creating spaces that blend natural elements, neutral color palettes, and minimalist aesthetics. The residence spans two levels, with the ground floor featuring an open-concept living, dining, and kitchen area that seamlessly connects to the outdoor entertaining spaces. On the first floor, the master bedroom suite and two of the four guest bedrooms, all with ensuites, provide a private retreat for the homeowners and their guests.

Corian® was the material of choice for this project due to its ability to fulfill the design criteria and meet the client’s preference for low-maintenance finishes. The design team skillfully incorporated fluid curves as a signature feature throughout the home, including the kitchen appliance walls, island bench, shower and bath enclosures, vanity tops, and shower nib walls. This seamless and joint-free appearance provided an organic element that beautifully contrasted with the significant stone wall, creating a cohesive and visually appealing interior. The sleek detailing of Corian® paired effortlessly with the oak timber joinery, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

The extensive use of fluid curves is a standout feature of the H2 Home project, showcasing the versatility of Corian®. From the curved walls to the tight radius on shower nib walls, the precision and flexibility of the material are evident. The master ensuite boasts a freestanding Corian® bath framed by a curved full-height Corian® wall, complemented by a circular skylight directly above. A fully Corian® clad double shower space accessible from behind the bath wall adds a touch of relaxed luxury.

The main kitchen features a large fully integrated Corian® island, fondly referred to as “the Jelly Bean,” positioned in front of the curved appliance and sink walls, blending functionality with a distinctive design element. This focal point serves both daily use and entertaining purposes, capturing the essence of the client’s vision.

The seamless flow of Corian® surfaces creates a sense of unity throughout the lower levels, with the benchtop extending continuously from the scullery through the kitchen, living spaces, and to the poolside kitchen and terrace, covering an impressive total length of 21 meters.

The success of this project can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of the design team, builder, joiner, and fabricator. Precise construction and accurate templating were crucial in achieving the desired curves and ensuring alignment with the base structure. The attention to detail exhibited by all involved parties contributed to the project’s overall success.

The H2 Home project not only exceeded the client’s expectations but also highlights the versatility and flexibility of Corian® as a material. The incorporation of curved forms and the seamless integration of Corian® surfaces throughout the design create a cohesive and visually striking result.

The completed project stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between the client, design team, builder, joiner, and fabricator. With its innovative design choices, the H2 Home sets itself apart from others, adding an element of luxury and exclusivity. The fluid curves and the use of Corian® surfaces harmoniously blend with the natural surroundings, promoting a sense of peace and tranquility.

The H2 Home project showcases the endless possibilities of Corian® as a material, elevating the concept of modern living and functional design. By seamlessly incorporating a variety of curved forms, Rust Architecture Design has created a truly exceptional waterside haven in Southeast Queensland.

Project Details

Design By: John Rust, Rust Architecture
Builder: Kemble
Joiner: Snedker Joinery
Fabrication: Thermoform
Photography: Kirra Smith Photography
  • Benchtops
  • Wall Cladding
  • Bath
  • Basin
  • Sink
  • Splashback

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