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The Aesthetic Mastery of TAEGA Cosmetic Clinic

Designed by the talented duo Yew Hann Loo (Hann) and Elly Yang of Axe Architects, TAEGA Cosmetic Clinic has successfully redefined the conventional cosmetic clinic experience, blending aesthetics and functionality seamlessly. The interior design, a meticulous creation by Hann and Elly, revolves around subtle colours, lighting, and textures, with a predominant light beige hue symbolising comfort and simplicity. This carefully chosen colour palette not only mirrors the brand identity but also ensures clients a tranquil and peaceful experience on their cosmetic journey.

Every material used within the clinic has been meticulously curated to create a sense of harmony and unity. The designers have intentionally selected materials with similar tones, resulting in a monochromatic colour palette. This cohesive approach not only exudes sophistication but also eliminates visual clutter, allowing clients to focus on their beauty transformation journey without distraction.

TAEGA Cosmetic Clinic’s design philosophy revolves around the client’s experience. By embracing a holistic approach, the aim is to ensure that every person who steps into the clinic feels not only welcome but also at ease. The clinic’s environment is designed to nurture, value, and instil confidence in clients’ decisions to choose TAEGA Cosmetic Clinic.

Selecting the right materials is crucial for attaining the desired design aesthetic. For the reception desk, Corian® Dune Prima was chosen. Dune Prima, with its brecciated veins, harmoniously aligned with the project’s design objectives which was expertly fabricated and installed by ACRT Fab Australia.

The completed project speaks volumes about TAEGA Cosmetic Clinic’s commitment to softening stereotypes in the industry. The design not only challenges competitors with a clinic-like feel but sets a new standard for an environment centred around the client’s experience.

One unique aspect of this project is the versatility of Corian®. The design team were impressed by its ability to produce colours like Dune Prima and maintain consistency in design. The seamless connection between joins during installation highlighted the precision of the skilled fabrication, leaving a lasting impression on the team.

Project Details

Design By: Yew Hann Loo (Hann) & Elly Yang of Axe Architects
Builder: Stallion Building Enterprise
Fabrication: ACRT Fab
Photography: Yun Wei
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