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Anna Trefely and the team at Esoteriko sought to interpret a landscape within a clinical context for this dental practice. Sanctuary-like, and ‘minty fresh’, deeply influenced by a Japanese-flavoured aesthetic where human experience, nature and technology are combined. It hints at a natural world which has undergone a process of distillation and reinterpretation. Multiple opportunities for display and showcase of the dental procedures are employed, an example being the combination of 3 areas into one clinical room, consultation room, and photography room. Clinical spaces are often considered unpleasant and uncomfortable, it was key to the brief that the environment feel calm and non-intimidating. A unique exploration of the clinical context, without being sterile. A dental clinic that bridges the natural and clinical world/ the space evokes a serene sensory experience.

Corian® was chosen for it’s duality, practicality and aesthetics. Clean, seamless functionality, durable and resin like qualities. The timing of the project coincided directly with the global COVID pandemic. This context heightened the importance of the advanced medical technology and sterilisation processes. Anna considered enhancing these attributes and making them a positive focal point, rather than hiding them from sight. Seeking to highlight a clean and crisp beauty that Corian® is pivotal in. The Corian® material is high quality and low maintenance to withstand the requirements of a dental clinic and look immaculate. Corian® Allows for continuation of benches into sinks- aesthetic, practical and hygienic.

Corian® allows for organic seamless shapes in the joinery, and was an integral part of the overall textural and tonal palette – the seamless nature of Corian® allowed for the consideration of delicate joinery details – eg. A custom integrated bench top bin detail. All edges are softened and sculpted – Corian® white onyx was chosen specifically as a playful motif for teeth, and can be seen used for the door fronts within the room.

The client is extremely happy with the aesthetic and the day to day interaction of the material. A year on and the project still looks like new.

Project Details

Design By: Anna Trefely of Esoteriko
Fabrication: Advance Solid Surfaces
Photography: Dave Wheeler

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