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Seamless Precision | Footscray Apartment

The owners of the apartment pictured desired a more ambiguous kitchen than usual. The functional facilities were conceived by Boardgrove Architects, as sculptural art-like objects rather than utilitarian pieces of equipment. Corian® was the natural choice for this project, as it is less stereotypical a material for kitchen benchtops in comparison the standard materials such as stainless steel, stone or laminate. Corian® is also capable of being used on the sides of benches and drawer fronts in addition to the top, creating a singular monolithic object that’s beauty is in the detail of the finger pulls and joints.

It projects a sense of unity rather than a mixture of surfaces, and complements the overall kitchen space rather than dominating it. The Corian® surface also provides a single subtle colour that complements the surrounding soft colour palette of greys, whites and soft pinks elsewhere in the kitchen and apartment.

Project Details

Design By: Holly Board and Peter Grove of Boardgrove Architects
Fabrication: Individual Design and Construction
Photography: Haydn Cattach
  • Drawers
  • Benchtop

CORIAN® Colours


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