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High School Laboratory Benches

Traditional materials for school laboratory surfaces seem to be taking a back seat as Corian®, comes to the forefront. Originally known for kitchen and bathroom applications, Corian® holds a robust appeal in the demanding environment of school laboratories.

Three key attributes define Corian® as an ideal choice: durability, a non-porous nature, and simple maintenance. Not only does this make Corian® pleasing to the eye, but it also carries practical benefits in a lab setting.

Durability becomes crucial in a school laboratory. Here, surfaces must cope with constant use and potential misuse. The ability of Corian® to withstand dropped objects and resist scratches makes it a strong contender. In the longer term, the durability of Corian® could lead to cost savings due to fewer replacements.

Being non-porous, Corian® stands up to stains – an essential characteristic when spills from various chemicals are an everyday risk. This feature helps to inhibit bacterial growth, supporting a hygienic environment for pupils.

On the safety front, Corian® shines. Its non-porous nature stops the absorption of harmful chemicals. This becomes a key advantage for schools where pupil safety holds high priority.

Maintenance of Corian® is a breeze. Scratches or minor damages on the surface can get buffed out with relative ease, restoring the surface to its original appearance. This ease of maintenance reduces the need for significant, disruptive work, helping to keep lab downtime to a minimum.

On top of all these practical benefits, Corian® comes in a wide variety of colours and styles. This can make it an attractive choice for schools trying to find a balance between function and aesthetic appeal. A modern, appealing environment might just spark more engagement and comfort among students.

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