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Armadale House

Armadale House, by architect and designer Emma Selzer of Selzer Design Studio, is a stunning example of how thoughtful modern design can seamlessly blend with Edwardian architectural roots to create a family home that’s both functional and serene. This project emphasises the importance of light, materiality, and historical integrity in contemporary restoration. Emma has approached the design of her home with deep respect for the house’s Edwardian origins, carefully preserving its character whilst introducing modern elements that elevate the living experience to meet her young family’s lifestyle. 

A key aspect of the transformation was the strategic use of space and light. The layout of Armadale House was reconfigured to encourage a flow of natural light throughout, turning previously dark and cramped spaces into bright, open areas. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the interiors but also promotes a healthier living environment for the family. 


Materiality: A Blend of Aesthetics and Function   

The choice of materials in the renovation plays a crucial role in achieving the serene and minimalist aesthetic that defines Armadale House. Special attention was given to the selection of soothing, light-reflecting materials that complement the original structure. The custom and bespoke vanities made from Corian® are a testament to this approach. Chosen for its durability and customisable properties, Corian® lends a contemporary touch while ensuring that these elements stand the test of time against the demands of daily use. 

The colour selection of Corian® Cameo White in the bathrooms fit well with the muted, pale tones of the Armadale House colour palette contributing to the tranquil, minimalist aesthetic that the design seeks to achieve. Its ability to be moulded allows for a seamless integration into the space, affirming the material’s role in modern design as both practical and visually appealing. 

 This project serves as a blueprint for revitalising heritage homes without sacrificing their soul. With its light-filled interiors, thoughtful use of durable materials like Corian® and a layout that promotes both beauty and functionality, Armadale House stands as a refined, serene family home that respects its Edwardian legacy while boldly stepping into the modern age.

Project Details

Design By: Selzer Design Studio
Builder: Koumas
Fabrication: Cook & Nation
Photography: Timothy Kaye

Custom Vanity

CORIAN® Colours


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