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Canberra Centre Parents Room

Designed as part of a new hospitality precinct, the Canberra Centre Parents Room is a highly functional space that caters to the diverse needs of parents and their children. The team at Mather Architecture have created an immersive, modern, and playful experience that focuses on inclusivity and neurodiversity.

The Parent Room design adopts an inclusive and inviting approach for all visitors. Soft upholstered seating and plywood panels, reminiscent of building blocks, contribute to a playful ambiance, along with low-level play panels showcasing vibrant shapes. Corian® Dove and Verdant were selected for their complimentary soft tones that enhance the playful colours of the Parent room. Curved elements unify the space and delineate key areas like the kitchen and changing rooms. Drawing inspiration from theatre set design, the incorporation of wall-mounted children’s play panels, reminiscent of those found in educational settings, adds a familiar touch that encourages imaginative play. Furthermore, the room’s soft lighting and acoustic ceiling details provide a serene retreat from the sensory stimuli of the bustling shopping centre environment.

Hygiene and Safety

For parents, hygiene is non-negotiable. In a space dedicated to the care of infants and young children, cleanliness is not just desirable but essential. Spills, stains, and messes are inevitable occurrences, requiring surfaces that can be easily cleaned and sanitised. Corian® is a non-porous surface resisting the growth of bacteria and mould which makes it the ideal choice of material for this project. Its seamless and continuous design eliminates crevices where dirt and germs can accumulate, providing peace of mind to parents who prioritise the health and well-being of their children. Additionally, the seamlessness of the changing tables eliminates protruding edges or joints making it safer for parents while manoeuvring their little ones during nappy changes.

The Parent Room at Canberra Centre stands as a testament to thoughtful design, where functionality seamlessly intertwines with creativity and inclusivity. As a sanctuary for families amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, it exemplifies the transformative power of design to elevate everyday experiences.

Project Details

Design By: Mather Architecture
Builder: BLOC Construction
Joiner: Infracaft Detailed Joinery
Fabrication: Norford Industries
Photography: Tim Shaw Photography
  • Beauty Bar
  • Vanities
  • Nappy Change
  • Kitchen Benchtop

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