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The transformation of Parkside Pantry

In Caulfield North, Victoria, a new culinary haven has emerged, blending the charm of a café, the allure of a providore, and the authenticity of a deli – all under one roof. Welcome to Parkside Pantry, a project brought to life through the creative lens of Vicky Phung from Studio Grayscale.

Parkside Pantry is more than just a deli café; it’s a thoughtful blend of functionality and aesthetics, curated to provide a unique and memorable experience. The interior design is simple yet strikingly sophisticated, creating a harmonious environment for patrons to savor culinary delights.

When it came to selecting the right material for the commercial kitchen benchtop, Corian® emerged as the clear choice. The durability of Corian®, coupled with its diverse colour palette, made it the ideal option. Corian® Valente Grigio, not only adds a touch of elegance but seamlessly complements other finishes within the store.

The ability of Corian® to withstand the rigors of a commercial kitchen environment played a pivotal role in the decision-making process. Its durability ensures a lasting investment, and the added advantage of refurbishment options allows for a refreshed appearance over time.

What sets Parkside Pantry apart is the meticulous redesign of an existing café. The workflow, entrances, and windows were strategically adjusted to enhance traffic flow and increase interior-exterior interaction. The custom Corian® counter elegantly wraps across all rear walls.

Studio Grayscale’s familiarity with Corian® and its applications in commercial kitchen benchtops shines through in the success of Parkside Pantry.

The team at Studio Grayscale underscores the importance of durability in commercial spaces. The material’s ability to be refurbished for a refreshed appearance ensures that Parkside Pantry will maintain its allure for years to come.

Project Details

Design By: Studio Grayscale
Joiner: Faculty Shopfitting
Fabrication: ACRT Fab
Photography: Michelle Jarni
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