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Rising Above: The Resilient Redesign of International Quarterback Office

When the unexpected strikes, it’s the combined strength of innovation and creativity that comes to the rescue. The recent refit for the International Quarterback (IQ) office, following a significant flood event, is a testament to this resilience.

Brisbane’s erratic weather patterns took a turn for the worse, subjecting Newstead’s International Quarterback office to significant flood damage. What seemed like a catastrophe at the time turned into a window of opportunity, a chance to reinvent and redesign.

Taking cues from the modern world, a contemporary industrial design aesthetic was envisioned by Janine Bell from Ophelia Sage Design. Janine chose a neutral colour palette punctuated by warm brown accents, portraying the very essence of IQ’s premium and trusted brand. The highlight of this refurbishment was the innovative kitchenette design, fitted with a Corian® Solid Surface benchtop in Linen. Supported independently by a steel frame, this feature was built to withstand the unpredictable bouts of nature.

The choice of Corian® was strategic. Recognised for its exceptional properties like repairability, resistance to stains, germs, and viruses, Corian® ensures that even in the face of adversity, the surface remains untouched by harmful contaminants. The selection of the Linen shade, coupled with a copper integrated sink, seamlessly blended with the contemporary industrial design. This choice was beautifully complemented by the ABI Brushed Copper Elysian Kitchen Mixer.

The Corian® benchtop, integrated with the sink, stands out not just for its aesthetic appeal but for its functionality in the face of disasters. Supported by a 40×40 powder-coated black matte aluminium frame, its standalone design ensures that the cabinetry below can be easily removed in case of a potential flood threat. This thoughtful design ensures longevity, cost savings, and hassle-free cleanup post any flood event.

For any office space, functionality is as vital as the aesthetics. This project stands as a testament to that. The flood-resilient features, paired with the aesthetic choices, ensured a design that was not just beautiful but extremely practical.

This refit project stands as a learning curve for many. It demonstrates that with the right design choices, like the one made by Janine Bell, a space can not only be rejuvenated post disaster but also future-proof it against potential threats. Both the designer and the client take pride in the result, knowing that beauty and functionality can, indeed, coexist, and sometimes, adversity can pave the path for innovation.

Project Details

Design By: Janine Bell of Ophelia Sage Design
Builder: Jamieson Hay Builders
Joiner: R&A Cabinets
Fabrication: Multiform
Photography: Janine Bell
  • Benchtop
  • Integrated Axix Sink

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