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Eureka Skydeck

Peter Maddison of Maddison Architects has been announced as the winner of the Corian® Design Awards, Edition 3 – Commercial Category 2007. He has been awarded for his work on ‘Serendipity’ – a custom designed interactive table on level one of the Eureka Tower in Melbourne.

Serendipity is an Interactive table that is six metres long and accommodates a large number of users. Corian® was used to wrap around the sides and top of the table to create a sleek, seamless finish. Corian®® also creates the appearance of a single piece of material due to no open joins. The seamless nature of Corian® enabled this element to appear sculptural.

Serendipity is situated on the entry level one of Eureka Tower. The interactive table serves to educate and entertain visitors while they wait to access the lifts to Level 88 – the Eureka Skydeck. Projectors located directly above the table cast holographic images that spiral across the table’s surface in a mesmerising manner and bring it to life. When touched, these images dissolve onto the table’s surface to reveal information about Melbourne. Speakers above the table provide a synthesised soundscape that responds to the movement of each individual cube.

A precisely level and even surface through a 0.5mm continuous gap around the perimeter. It was vital to ensure the LED light fittings concealed around the perimeter of the table could accurately cast light across the table’s surface. The strength, stability of Corian® made it possible to be precisely cut. “Corian® provided the desired smooth and warm to touch finish, whilst being durable and easy to maintain in a high traffic environment”, says Peter. “It was possible to have it specified as it achieved a clean, crisp edge, dynamic form whilst conforming to an array of technical and functional demands”, adds Peter. Maddison Architects worked closely with Jonathan Duckworth from LAB 3000 and Bryce Grunden from Look Ear Pty Ltd to bring this creation to life. Congratulations to Peter Maddison for a unique design!

Project Details

Design By: Maddison Architects
Fabrication: ACRT and Hobsons
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