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Transforming Cairns Corporate Tower with Timeless Elegance

In a remarkable collaboration, Peddle Thorp, CCJS, and Neater Constructions brought their expertise together to transform the Cairns Corporate Tower with the versatile and exquisite material, Corian®. The project aimed to infuse modernity, timelessness, and quality into the space while creating a harmonious interplay of contrast and warmth.

Designing with Corian®: A Synthesis of Art and Functionality

Spearheaded by Sara Raso from Peddle Thorp, the initial project brief demanded elements that exuded a contemporary allure while standing the test of time. To accomplish this vision, Corian® Cirrus White was chosen as the perfect canvas to bring the design to life.

Elevating Spaces with Corian® Applications

The transformation of Cairns Corporate Tower involved innovative Corian® applications across various levels and areas. Noteworthy features include:

  1. Level 1 Benches: Corian® seamless benchtops infuse a sleek and sophisticated ambiance into the workspace.
  2. Ground Floor, Level 1 Existing Round Columns: The exceptional thermoforming capabilities of Corian® allowed the refacing of curved columns, adding a touch of elegance to the lobby.
  3. Ground Floor, Level 1 Existing Staircase: The staircase was exquisitely revamped with Corian®, turning it into an awe-inspiring focal point.
  4. Level 1 Wall Linings under Balustrades: Corian® gracefully lines the walls, accentuating the design’s contrast and creating an inviting atmosphere.
  5. Ground Floor Bathroom Benchtops: The elegance and durability of Corian® shine in the bathrooms, enhancing the overall user experience.

Choosing Corian®: A Masterstroke for Timeless Aesthetics and Durability

Corian® emerged as the material of choice for its exceptional thermoforming capabilities, which facilitated the transformation of curved elements such as columns and staircases. The high traffic nature of the lobby and staircase area demanded a durable and long-lasting solution, and Corian® proved to be an ideal choice. Its ability to withstand damage and seamless repair through buffing or welding added to its appeal.

At Peddle Thorp, the team prioritise the health and safety of installers, which is why products are carefully considered to ensure they do not pose any harm to their well-being. Corian® is non-toxic and contains zero silica ensuring a safe working environment.

Experiencing the Art of Corian®

Gianni De Rose, Owner of CCJS, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Corian® is a modern material that offers endless design opportunities. Its versatility and elegance allowed us to create truly remarkable spaces in the Cairns Corporate Tower.”

Overcoming Challenges with Ingenious Solutions

The project was not without its challenges, as curved columns required forming in quarters due to exceeding sheet sizes, adding intricacy and time to the process. However, the team’s ingenuity prevailed, and the final outcome was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Investing in a large Corian® oven from America was instrumental in achieving the project’s vision, significantly improving the thermoforming process. Prior to this, an old gas-fired pizza oven was ingeniously repurposed for Corian® thermoforming.

The collaboration between Peddle Thorp, CCJS, and Neater Constructions, together with the unmatched properties of Corian®, culminated in a timeless transformation of the Cairns Corporate Tower.

Project Details

Design By: Sara Raso, Cherie Brisciani, Hennie Ferreira and Paul Whittle of Peddle Thorp
Builder: Neater Constructions
Joiner: CCJS
Fabrication: CCJS
Photography: Andrew Watson Photography
  • stair cladding
  • columns
  • benchtops

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