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Benjamin Steakhouse, Tokyo

Experience the Magic of Corian® at Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho’s Terrace Lounge while you bask in the captivating blend of awe-inspiring beauty and sparkling city lights that make this location irresistible.

One of the standout features of the Terrace Lounge is its fantastic light design. As the sun sets under the violet sky, the terrace lounge overlooking the city’s skyscrapers is lit up with the soft glow of moonlight cascading over the tables on the terrace. In the evening, the “Moonlight” tables reveal a stunning nightscape, transforming the 330 square meter terrace into an enchanted realm.

The glowing tops of the cocktail tables and bar counter give full play to the enigmatic translucence of Corian®. The intricate vein patterns running through the Corian® Golden Onyx tops are illuminated from the inside by LED lighting, offering a refined yet robust elegance to the terrace lounge, which boasts the largest commercial terrace space in the city.

The Terrace Lounge’s interior design is the work of PICO INNOVATE designer Daisuke Itabashi, who aimed to create a sense of luxury and glamour while maintaining a pure and pared-down aesthetic. The seamless joins and workability of Corian® made it the ideal choice of material for the Terrace Lounge’s tables.

“With a thickness of 12 mm, Corian® has remarkable strength and durability. As anticipated, the joins don’t bother me at all,” says Itabashi. “In addition, Corian® has many features which are tailored for restaurants, such as firm resistance to stains and spills, making it a favourite among the restaurant staff. It is easy to clean, requiring only the simplest of care. The softness of Corian® also provides a comfortable tactile experience for diners, since it is less rigid and more welcoming than harder materials like glass or stone. It also has a warmer feel when touched or leaned on, prompting an atmosphere that is more comfortable and inviting,” he adds.

Corian® is not only used on the terrace but also as part of the interior design, helping to foster a greater sense of unity throughout the venue. The black lines of the joins stand out beautifully under indirect lighting, blending into the luxurious atmosphere of the bar. The decorative wall in the dining hall is another dramatic highlight, featuring a large wall covered in Corian® Golden Onyx with chain-like patterns on the left and right-side panels, which were created by drawing from the reverse side using an NC router.

The use of indirect lighting from the back of the wall highlights the unique sculptural design of the Corian® installation. The restaurant’s original location in New York City boasts a traditional steakhouse design featuring a warm wood interior and a cozy fireplace. According to Itabashi, “Corian® enables us to meet the client’s demand for a sophisticated restaurant that invites customers to experience a fresh sense of style while still retaining the essence of its New York roots.”

It’s amazing how Corian® contributes to the unique atmosphere at the Terrace Lounge. The celestial glow emanating from the Corian® surfaces create a special – almost magical – environment for guests to enjoy their meals. The cocktail tables provide the perfect romantic setting for couples to gaze into each other’s eyes while savoring the delicious cuisine on offer at the restaurant. Meanwhile, the bar counter is a fantastic place for people to relax and unwind with a drink.

The ambiance cultivated by Corian® Golden Onyx adds to the extraordinary atmosphere of the Terrace Lounge, turning a night of gourmet dining into an exciting and memorable experience.

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Fabrication: INTEC Inc.
  • Benchtops

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