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ABC Emporio

Mumbai-based architecture practice NU.DE came up with a provocative modern concept for bathroom showroom ABC Emporio in Kannur, India. Playing with perceptions, the team envisioned a sculptural geometric addition, partially wrapping the front and side facades of the building. This white tessellated shape powerfully stands out and gives the building its dynamic appearance. The material employed for this unit is Corian®, manufactured by DuPont. And if you will have a look at the photos at the end of the post, you will notice how this material allows the white volume to glow at night via embedded LED lights.

Step inside and you will be greeted by a futuristic setting, with the receptionist’s desk acting as the focal point of the entrance. This furniture piece is a recreation of the tessellated shape adorning the exterior’s building. With the edges of the triangular forms being colorfully illuminated, the place gets a very distinct look and feel. All items are perfectly organized, which makes the process of choosing something fairly easy. Enjoy you virtual visit through the neat chambers of this contemporary bathroom showroom and tell us if you like what you see!

Project Details

Design By: NU.DE
Photography: Shamnath J Patil

CORIAN® Colours


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