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Yo Story

Located in Westfield Warringah Mall on Sydney’s northern beaches, is a fun, fresh and enjoyable frozen yoghurt experience. Yo Story, is a bright, clean and fresh store where customers can enjoy frozen yoghurt with a selection of different toppings.

The architects, ORO Interior & Architecture created a smooth, free-flowing fit out for Yo Story customers, with the overall space minimal and neutral.

The material selected for the two island benches, featuring the yoghurt toppings and POS, needed to be durable and solid to withstand the daily traffic of a retail environment. It also had to be flexible to create the free-flowing design concept that the architects wanted to achieve. ORO Interior & Architecture specified Corian® because of its design flexibility and its durable nature, fitting the brief perfectly.

The use of Corian® provided the store with a clean and hygienic solution for the food service area. The seamless joins of Corian® eliminates the need to use grout. Designed as a smooth, continuous flowing surface where food spills regularly occur, allows staff to easily wipe clean the surfaces without pushing food or liquid into cracks or joins that could eventually lead to mould growth.

The island benches are made from Corian® Glacier Ice to complement the playful colour palette of the back-wall feature blades.

Project Details

Design By: ORO Interior & Architecture
  • Benchtop
  • Decorative Cladding

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