Waterloo Northfield Ground Floor Renovation

Making the best first impression is important for attracting the highest calibre tenants for office buildings, as the recent renovation at Waterloo Northfield has proven.

Corian® Designer White thermoformed cafe counter

The renovation to the ground floor was over 290 square metres, which included the entrance, break out spaces and a cafe, complete with Corian® features throughout.

Corian® has been used as inlays in the timber flooring, as well as the thermoformed cafe counters. Corian® meets the combination of demands presented by environments dedicated to the enjoyment of food. In these spaces, senses and tastes must be enticed by effortless style, while functionality calls for hygiene, resistance and easy-care under constant use.


Corian® Designer White inlays to timber flooring

A standout feature in the space is a wall comprising of two Corian® components; a smooth, thermoformed wall and a textured patterned wall. Corian® gives elegance and a reassuring permanence to the space that will withstand heavy use and still look like new, delivering the ideal combination of functionality and beauty.

Corian® Designer White thermoformed wall and textured pattern wall panels

Corian® was chosen as it provided a crisp aesthetic- multiple uses – durability- contemporary fresh look- rich texture, high end material. the design team were astounded with the ability to curve Corian® and blend seams so not visible.





Corian® Colour(s):

Design By: Jackie Mauro of Chamberlain Architect Services

Builder: Chamberlain Construction Services

Fabrication: Ontario Consturction industries

Photography: Colliers Realtors

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