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Symbol Promenade Park, Odaiba, Tokyo

Corian® Bench at Symbol Promenade Park, Odaiba, Tokyo

Odaiba crowded with a lot of people all the year represents Tokyo waterfront. “Symbol promenade park” is one of the huge parks in that area. In the redevelopment, the benches, made of Corian® was set up in the park.

The designer, Tomoki Kinokuni from Mori Landscape Architects Inc., said “Symbol Promenade Park aimed at the space like go-round style park to enjoy a walk around the park. To realise this idea, we take various elements such as the attractive view around there to plan.” The concept of this design is following 3 points. One is conscientious high-quality design, Japanese traditional space planning, and Design that makes the best use of nature and attempts harmony of the whole town. “We designed the plan based on these concepts, and add the marine taste to remind people of the fact that there was an ocean. We’d like to use something novel, for the material and design, because Odaiba is a new town on reclaimed land.”

Then the exterior furniture maker proposed the design to look like a surfboard. They said ”The requests for the material is to be massive that is able to be moved by 2 people, have a high durability and to be repairable etc. We thought design flexibility and formability is also important.” Its organic shape looks like a surfboard, or floating boat, or cloud in the sky. “We will use Corian® in future, which enables us to broaden our views and ideas.”

Project Details

  • Benchtop
  • Corian Seating

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