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St James College Junior Quad Planters

An Innovative Outdoor Space Upgrade
for St James College

The application of Corian® at St. James College’s School Amenities exhibits an admirable amalgamation between aesthetics, functionality and an innovative – yet cost-effective solution. The innovative application echoes with the restrained visual language throughout the school’s other spaces, while also responding to the need for bacteria-free surfaces in high traffic zones. The aim of the project was to fabricate exterior planters with integrated seating. The much needed refurbishment comprised planting, seating and reparation of weathered pavements around the junior quadrangle. The task needed to adopt non-destructive and non-disruptive construction operations since the area had to be kept accessible for students and staff to use throughout. Moreover, the quadrangle was considered a recreational and transitional zone for the school so it was imperative to minimise any disturbance to the site for all stakeholders. Each aspect of the project was managed by specialised teams to minimise overall construction costs. On average, by adopting and implementing this method of operating instead of delivering the entire project under a head contract, construction costs were reduced by 20%.

Flexible and multi-functional space

The proposal by Outlines Landscape Architecture offered a flexible and multi-functional space, fitting ideally within an educational environment. With the appropriate material (in this case Corian®), it was possible to integrate seating into the end of the curved planters. This multifaceted proposition permits the space to be used for assemblies, outdoor teaching spaces and a break or recess-time active areas. Simultaneously, existing concrete pavement was surfaced and retreated with specific patterns for accentuated pathways and designated handball courts.

Smooth clean crisp finish

Popular in the design and construction industry for its slab form, Corian® is flexible enough to be shaped to fit any design requirements. At St. James College, Corian® was selected for the raised planters with integrated seating due to its flexibility and ability to continuously maintain a crisp-clear finish. Specifically, Dove – a grey colour resembling concrete – was chosen as the appropriate colour and finish for the project. The visual and physical quality of using this material and colour in an exterior application was suitable to the high-traffic educational environment.

Fluid forms curved in various directions

With an added 10 year warranty, it is highly evident that the material and colour is stable, easy to clean and weatherproof. Conclusively, the use of Corian® with a Dove finish furnished the elevated space. With Corian®, expectations in its flexible characteristic and quality of finishes are exceeded and exhibited in this project. Indeed, longevity from Corian® products was also an important factor when specifying for such environments, but also with consideration to minimise any disruption to the school, future construction processes can now be avoided.

Quality of finish

“The use of Corian® with Dove finish provides a much needed lift to this space. The use of Corian® has met expectations in its flexibility and quality of finish exhibited on this project. ” Gary Ford Director, Outlines Landscape Architecture.

Design vesatility, performance, exceptional durability and renewability 

The design versatility and performance features of Corian®, the availability of different colours and aesthetics, custom colours, textures and finishes, the ability to shape and form the material, its exceptional durability and renewability – have led a number of architects and designers to use Corian® for exterior large scale applications.

Project Details

Design By: Outlines Landscape Architecture
Joiner: Lump Studios
Fabrication: S & A Cabinets Pty Ltd
Photography: Nick Stephenson
  • Decorative Wall Cladding
  • Corian Seating

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