Renaissant Aesthetic Health, East Brisbane Queensland

day-surgery-reception-marble-look-luxuryRenaissant is a plastic and reconstructive day surgery. This unique design project required the synthesis of high end aesthetic appeal with the hard-core functionality required by hospital standards. The interior needed to reflect Renaissant’s company mission statement which is to “inspire new possibilities and create positive change”.



White Onyx was chosen to replicate the appearance of marble. Traditionally marble is the product of choice in any luxurious applications. However, marble would not have been suitable for any of our requirements both for seamless aesthetics and infection control purposes. Corian® was really the only product that could bridge the gap between the vast difference between medical functionality and high end aesthetics.

This combined with the superior qualities of versatility and manipulation, Corian® allowed the designer to achieve the unique angular reception desk, a solid piece of joinery with seamless appearance for a statement of grandeur. The final appearance of white onyx provides depth and movement in a grand and elegant way. This stunning Corian® pattern is complemented by brass strips to give a final flourish of luxury.



It was also important to the designer that there was continuity between ‘front’ and ‘back’ of house. Corian® is also the only product that can move from the high end aesthetic requirements of reception through to the sterile environments needed in the surgical areas. Again the seamless technology of Corian® solid surfaces provides a perfect antimicrobial solution for sterile areas.


The high style, low maintenance properties of Corian® allows today’s leading healthcare architects and designers to better meet the physical and emotional needs of patients, family, and staff through building design.


Corian® Colour(s):

Design By: Lynda Mills of Medifit Design and Construct

Builder: Diverse Shopfitters/ Medifit Design and Construct

Fabrication: Diverse Shopfitters

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