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Mambourin Discovery Hub

The Mambourin Discovery Hub is an optimistic and inspiring commercial fitout for a new property estate sales hub in Melbourne’s developing West. The hub operates as a hybrid sales experience and community/ event space that reflects the new residents aspirations for community and family living. The design concept was conceived through a series of circular diagrams representing ideas of community, coming together and wellness which created an overlapping 3 dimensional positive & negative curved visual language that was employed to inform the spatial design and the design of key interior objects such as the Kitchen island bench.

The two main reason Corian® was the first choice for this project were its sculptural capabilities and its durability and maintenance. The use of Corian® enabled the abstract curved forms of the bench legs and seamless joins to achieve the minimal tectonic form. The space would be a high volume area for families as a commercial space and for functions for a number of years so Corian® was by far the best choice.

The project is a unique brief as it is part commercial, part home, there is no built housing product yet for the potential resident to visit, so the interior of the hub needs to create a mood and atmosphere that is aspirational, positive and creates a sense of belonging. The spaces and joinery objects aren’t limited by typical functional requirements, the joinery objects can be rearranged and dividing curtains can be deployed to divide the space into different modes during sales times or for community functions in the future. The Lounge area including a functioning Bar and Kitchen services visitors during the day and can be used to service sales or community functions in the evenings.

“Corian® truly is an amazing product with few limitations and that we will be using it on more projects in the future.

This project offered us the opportunity to test using Corian® in a more sculptural way than other materials would allow and it has produced a finished product that has exceeded our expectations. The project is a unique brief as it is part commercial, part home, we selected Corian® ‘Deep nocturne’ as we needed a product that would stand up to high volume use for a number of years.” Says Fiona Dunin.

Project Details

Design By: Fiona Dunin of FMD Architects
Builder: Morris Acciarito + Associates
Fabrication: Pro Solid
Photography: Tatjana Plitt
  • Decorative Cladding
  • Benchtops

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