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Little Lion Cafe, Perth Children’s Hospital

The desire to provide a sanctuary for sick children and their parents within a busy working hospital was the design drive behind creating the Little Lion Café. Attention to detail and superior workmanship was a prerequisite for every fixture and fitting within the café. This ensured a relatively smooth approval process from all parties involved including state government and local council. As the client was the PCH Foundation (fundraising arm of the hospital), the budget was not limitless; value for money needed to be addressed.

The overall café interior is a highly successful and positive result for everyone involved with the project. Innovative Corian features provide the wow factor, and the ability to illuminate the engraved pattern within the Corian results in a warm and protective embrace being delivered to everyone who enters the café interior. Not only does Corian feature as illuminated trees, bulkheads and POS counter area, it also provides a solid base to the remaining counter fronts. Combining perfectly with every design element.

The interior outcome is a magical, fully operational café that conveys timeless style.

Corian was the only material that would form convex and concave engraved shapes that when backlit, would maintain the materials structural integrity. It also achieved maximum performance results that were suited to both hospital and commercial kitchen environments.

When challenged, Corian is able to be manipulated into shapes that other solid surfaces are unable to achieve. This feature, coupled with its dimensional flexibility allowed the custom designed trees to come alive. Engraved areas are illuminated from within while the exterior surface maintains its seamless quality.

While the initial concept included more trees, budget meant the quantity needed to be reduced. Overall, this did not impact on the project as Corian bulkheads and counters provide plenty of impact. Manufacture of the engraved Corian elements was quite detailed and this time had to be factored into the construction programme.

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Project Details

Design By: Jenny Bryce, Bellfort Commercial Interior Design and Fitout
Fabrication: Wave Surfaces
  • Benchtop
  • Benchtop
  • Decorative Cladding
  • Textured Surfaces

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