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Lift Lobby, 15 William Street, Melbourne

When designers, Gray Puksand, were tasked with redesigning the new lift lobby walls at 15 William Street, Melbourne, there were several reasons that DuPont™ Corian® was selected. Its’ seamless design and ease of installation, were two main considerations and made it the perfect fit for this type of application.

Traditionally, lift lobbies are treated as a series of simple vertical panels because of the lift door design and operational requirements. Gray Puksand created a visually appealing space by designing the lobby so that it had an entire seamless wall, with the effect of the lift doors appearing to be punctured into the element.

A high traffic area, the use of Corian® provided a durable solution, as well as adding a sense of style. With minimal natural light in the lobby area, Gray Puksand selected Corian® Glacier Ice as it reflects light easily, creating a bright and airy space.

Ease of installation was also a big consideration for Gray Puksand because of the location. Corian® is formed and shaped offsite, while still being able to seamlessly join the material together when installed. Any repairs to the material can also be done onsite reducing disruption to the lobby area and surrounding offices.

Corian® Glacier Ice colour was chosen for the lift lobby walls to create an open, uncluttered, light filled area.

Project Details

Design By: Paul de Podolinsky of Gray Puksand
Builder: ICMG
Fabrication: Gemwood Interiors
  • Decorative Cladding

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