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iiNet, Sydney Office

iiNet, Australia’s second-largest DSL internet service provider, recently opened a new office on the east coast in Sydney, designed by Valmont, an architecture firm known for its innovative and modern designs. The office boasts a number of unique features, one of which is the reception counter made of Corian®.

The use of Corian® for the reception counter was a practical choice as iiNet opted for a virtual reception instead of a physical one. It was essential for the reception counter to immediately represent the iiNet brand in place of an employee. The iconic ‘ii’ typography was integrated into the design of the reception desk legs, giving it a subtle but significant touch. This motif is repeated throughout the fit-out in wall panelling and light shades, giving the office a cohesive look.

The Corian® reception counter also provided a perfect canvas for the iiNet brandmark, which was given a modern twist by appearing in neon for the first time in the brand’s history in the foyer. The modern and sleek design of the reception counter perfectly reflects iiNet’s brand image.

Moving onto the office floor, Valmont has broken down the traditional cubicle wall, allowing for an open, collaborative space. The office is designed to cater to all manner of engagements, from sharing and group work to quiet, single-person activity, relationship building with mentors and managers.

Elements of playfulness are introduced to more formal meeting rooms through color and theming. Informal areas like The Patio, The Family Room, and The Games Room give staff the feeling of working from home while still benefiting from the resources and interaction provided by office work.

The use of Corian® for the reception counter at iiNet’s new office in Sydney was not only practical but also helped to create a modern and sleek design that perfectly reflects the iiNet brand. The open and collaborative office space designed by Valmont is a perfect reflection of iiNet’s brand image as a modern and innovative DSL internet service provider.

Project Details

Design By: Valmont
Fabrication: Advance Solid Surfaces

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