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Hawthorn office meets culinary comfort

When it comes to creating inviting and functional commercial spaces, Cunsolo Architects has consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of balancing aesthetics with practicality. In a recent endeavor, the firm undertook the task of transforming a commercial office kitchen into a homely haven for staff members.

Known for their thoughtful and innovative approach to design, Cunsolo Architects took on the challenge of crafting a kitchen that not only met the practical needs of a bustling office but also radiated a sense of warmth and comfort. Recognizing the importance of materials in achieving this delicate balance, the team at Cunsolo Architects set out to curate a space that would be both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

In their pursuit of the perfect material, Cunsolo Architects turned to Corian®, a solid surface material renowned for its versatility. What sets Corian® apart is its ability to seamlessly blend into various design styles while offering durability that withstands the demands of commercial use. The architects were not only drawn to its practical attributes but also to its uncanny ability to replicate the appearance of more expensive stone alternatives.

The decision to choose Corian® went beyond meeting the project’s brief—it was a strategic move that encompassed both functionality and cost-effectiveness. Cunsolo Architects recognized that Corian® not only aligned with the initial design vision but also surpassed expectations by providing a cost-effective solution without compromising on the luxurious aesthetic of high-end stones.

Cunsolo Architects extended their use of Corian® beyond the kitchen benches, seamlessly incorporating it into the design of kitchen tables and even the reception desk. This choice created a harmonious and elegant design language throughout the entire space, showcasing the architects’ meticulous attention to detail.

In line with modern office trends, the breakout space designed by Cunsolo Architects was conceived with flexibility in mind. The kitchen, being at the forefront, needed to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics to leave a lasting impression on both staff and visitors alike. Corian® played a pivotal role in achieving this delicate equilibrium.



Project Details

Design By: Cunsolo Architects
Builder: Osiris
Fabrication: Pro Solid
Photography: Steve Scalone
  • Benchtop

CORIAN® Colours


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