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Haus Jun

This house has an integrated living room, dining room, and kitchen, featuring a dynamic atrium with a ceiling five meters high and a large opening facing the pool terrace in the courtyard. The center of this home is the kitchen island that is four meters long.

Mr. K said, “A lot of people visit our home, and my wife is a great cook. When we built this house, we wanted to create a kitchen where people would get together. In our previous house, the kitchen was separate and my wife was isolated by herself as she cooked while I enjoyed talking with our friends in the living room or other spaces. That’s why we wanted to integrate the living room, dining room, and kitchen. We asked for the kitchen benchtop to be connected to the dining bench and have an attached cooktop.”

Mr. Imai said, “From above, the benchtop is shaped like the letter J, the first initial of the owner’s name. To create variety, the sides are beautiful arcs and the counter thickness is boldly varied. The counter itself is long, with the thickness and shape that provides the durability needed to use it as a dining table all the way to the edges.” The benchtop and sides have absolutely no visible seams thanks to the seamless joins unique to Corian®, resulting in a distinctive, beautiful form. The sink is integrated into the benchtop using a special adhesive that creates a more stylish look. To make the benchtop the focal point, the cabinet portions are produced from stainless steel with a mirrored black finish that seems to disappear.

The owner was initially worried that the benchtop would seem cold like stone. However Corian® actually looks and feels quite warm. It also resists dirt and is easy to clean. The sink and benchtop are connected seamlessly so they stay clean with no dirt buildup. As for ease of use, the work space is large and feels spacious. The owners can can talk with their guests while cooking and can also see people relaxing by the pool.

Project Details

Design By: Mr. Tomohito Imai, Imai Company in collaboration with Ichiro Tanaka Architecture Office
Fabrication: Marble Kenzai, Co., Ltd.
Photography: Yoshihito Imaeda
  • Integrated Sink
  • Decorative Cladding
  • Benchtop

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