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Department of Education and Child Development, Adelaide

The free-forming properties and seamless design of DuPont™ Corian® were the main factors Totalspace Design specified the material to use in the ground floor restoration of the Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) building, Adelaide.

Totalspace Design was tasked with restoring the original 1970s design features, which were covered up during renovations undertaken more than 30 years before. The reception counter also needed to be larger to cater for the increased volume of visitors, and additional security checks.

Using Corian® allowed Totalspace to create a continuous eight-metre span reception desk with seamless joins that effortlessly worked with the angular 70s influenced design. The seamless design of Corian® also meant creating a simultaneous horizontal and vertical flow was achievable for the lowered reception desk, while complying with accessibility standards.

The reception area needed to be durable to withstand a high flow of visitors entering the DECD building. Corian® offers superior durability. It can also be easily repaired on site if knocks or scratches occur, minimising disruption to day to day operation.

Corian® Witch Hazel complemented the prominent original features including a bronze metal panel ceiling, exposed bronze and cream/stone coloured concrete columns and the granite floor, that was previously covered up with carpet.

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Design By: Totalspace Design

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