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Balancing Warmth and Durability: A Look at the Mirrabooka Government Office Project

Julie Roberts and the team at MKDC designed the Mirrabooka Government Office, a public space project located in Western Australia, with the aim of creating a functional and inviting space for the public and staff. The project overview required public spaces to be durable and low maintenance. To achieve this, the team utilised both Corian® Solid Surface and CASF timber in their designs.

The Corian® colours Rain Cloud and Arrowroot were used for the reception and concierge counters, as well as the tea prep/staff hub bench tops. Meanwhile, CASF timber in the Ash species was used for overhead decorative structures in tea preps and staff hub, trims to whiteboards and pinboards in open office areas.

Corian® solid surface was chosen for its durability and ability to be repaired if damaged. Corian® provided the aesthetic qualities the design team was looking for. The CASF timber products were also chosen to provide warmth and aesthetic appeal to the office areas, which complemented the modern feel of the Corian® Solid Surface, providing a sleek and modern finish to the space.

It’s worth noting that CASF Timber products are sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests in Europe, making them an environmentally friendly choice. The use of Corian® Solid Surface and CASF Timber in the Mirrabooka Government Office project provided a balance of modern and warm aesthetics. The durability and sustainability of the materials used will ensure the longevity of the project, making it an excellent choice for a public space such as this.

The final result is a functional, inviting, and modern space that showcases the benefits of using environmentally friendly, durable, and aesthetically pleasing materials in public spaces. The Mirrabooka Government Office project highlights how the use of sustainable materials can create a functional and inviting public space, which is essential in today’s society.

Project Details

Design By: MKDC
Builder: Adco Constructions
  • Benchtops
  • Decorative structures and trims (CASF Timber)

CORIAN® Colours


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