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Curtin University Laboratory Refurbishment

When Jay Tindall and the team at Armstrong Parkin Architects were enlisted to design the refurbishment of a laboratory at Curtin University for Chemical and Engineering researchers, they knew they needed to specify a product that could withstand the rigours of laboratory life. Corian® was the obvious choice for the chemical resistance and cleanliness required. The ability to form a seamless surface from sink to side drainer and splashback provides a homogenous, non-porous surface matching perfectly, the ideal aesthetic and the client brief.

Laboratory benchtops leave no room for error. They need to be extremely hygienic, fluidly functional, resistant to wear, and highly customisable. That’s why laboratory benchtops made with Corian® solid surface work so well — and keep on working for the life of the lab.

Together with integrated sinks and splashbacks, Corian® is:

  • Nonporous.
  • Solid all the way through.
  • Virtually seamless.
  • Resistant to stains from common lab agents, including blood, plasma, Wright’s stain and X-ray development.
  • Resistant to mould, mildew and bacteria with proper cleaning.

You can rely on laboratory installations made with Corian® surface for the long run. The surfaces can be washed and disinfected repeatedly without deterioration, while meeting meet all your design and functionality specs.


Project Details

Design By: Jay Tindall of Armstrong Parkin Architects
Builder: Western Projects
Photography: Jay Tindall
  • Splashback
  • Benchtops
  • Integrated Sink

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