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Columbus Airport Restrooms

The ongoing $80 million Port Columbus air terminal modernisation program has been designed to create an exceptional travel experience for its valued customers. The renovated terminal will also position Port Columbus International Airport for increased future passenger activity and reinforce the airport’s multi-billion dollar annual economic impact to the Columbus, Ohio region.

Phased over several years with no significant impact to operations during construction, the terminal modernisation program has several goals, including building upon the functional characteristics of the existing 55-year-old terminal structure to look and operate like new; ensuring the functional lifespan of the Port Columbus terminal for at least another 20 years; and utilising energy and environmentally-efficient materials.

Working together with the aviation practice experts at AECOM – the global engineering design firm, airport facilities project managers Matt Devereaux and Matt Langel are making sure the new terminal will provide a contemporary design and experience that is comfortable, convenient and safe for travellers. Key renovations include new flooring and carpeting, natural lighting and restroom upgrades.

Cathy Lucks, the architect/designer at AECOM, developed a design guide for the restroom renovations that called for a wall finish that was a solid seamless surface and easy to maintain. The intent was to create a monolithic appearance to complement the overall airport design and the epoxy terrazzo floor. In addition, light and warmth were to emanate throughout the space.

Floor to ceiling Corian® Witch Hazel and Privacy Plus® Partition System and accents in Cameo White provide the dramatic look envisioned for the restroom.

David Gerali describes how Privacy Plus® Partitions System was created with the designer, maintenance department and personal user in mind. “The patented system, with its use of Corian® and stainless steel hardware resulted in a design that is THE choice for the most demanding environments. At the same time, this system delivers an upgrade in aesthetics to complement high use environments.”

Every partition system installation is a one to two person job that requires only commonly available tools. Side panels and door widths that can be adjusted and trimmed on-site give the flexibility of a custom installation, without additional custom build costs. The entire system fits and ships on pallets, eliminating crating costs. The ease of shipping and installing the partitions helped reduce the time of installation at the airport. The interconnected panels are easy to replace and easy to maintain – another plus for the busy facility.

Fabricated in Corian® Cameo White, the privacy panels provide the feeling of warmth called for in the design. The light colour and tone of Corian® Witch Hazel with its veining provides the depth needed on the walls to enhance the overall design. The luster finish of all the Corian® surfaces also helps to reflect the light. The end result is an inviting space that is clean, bright and calming.

The design concept was to create a less institutional looking restroom for travelers, and more of a high end hotel environment. Travelers feel as if they are entering a luxurious bathroom. In the real world of high traffic use, Corian® delivers high performance in both aesthetics and durability.

According to Greening and Lucks, the visual appeal of Corian® Witch Hazel made the choice easy for the design and fabrication team. Corian® Cameo White was also used in the back wall cubby hole for placing items above the toilets.

Project Details

Design By: AECOM
Fabrication: Gerali Custom Designs
  • Toilet Partitions
  • Decorative Wall Cladding

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