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Colourful Yunnan, Hawthorn

Colourful Yunnan specialise in and celebrating Chinese ethnic Yunnan cuisine. The province of Yunnan is also known for its diverse population of the Peacock. This majestic bird is an important part of Yunnan history and culture, and Colourful Yunnan pays homage to the Peacock. Not only is the bird it’s centrepiece, but the confidence and elegance that the bird exudes permeates into the design of the restaurant by Rex Lin Architects.

The existing building was a dilapidated double storey structure with separate entries to each floor. In creating a grand entrance void, the 2 floors became visually and pragmatically merged which allowed for the combined space to operate effectively as a restaurant. The centrepiece Peacock installation is a Colourful Guardian, standing proud and watching over its habitat and its patrons. The design aesthetic is industrial with minimal material pallet for the finishes. This is to reflect the existing character of the building, especially the industrial feel created by exposed roof trusses.

The Corian® finish is reserved for the Reception and Bar, with the bronze mirrors adding a touch of opulence.  Corian® was chosen first and foremost for its food safe properties. It is also easy to clean and stain resistant; it is durable and yet easily repairable when damaged, which makes this perfect material in a busy restaurant.

The centrepiece of the restaurant is the Peacock installation in the entrance void. The Corian® Reception and Bar is intended to be the subtle and confident backdrop to the installation.

“We wanted to showcase the subtleness of the Corian® materials, with minimalistic design and detailing. With the thinness of the Corian®, we were able to create lightweight carcasses for the two intersecting rectangular Corian® boxes, creating an elongated reception and bar.”  Rex Lin

” We aimed to create an upmarket restaurant that celebrate the culture and cuisine of Yunnan. With the selection of Carbon Concrete and Raincloud, the Corian® added a sense of opulence to the industrial and minimalistic aesthetic, while complimenting the Peacock installation.” Rex Lin

Project Details

Design By: Rex Lin Architects
Joiner: Nikolsons Cabinets
Fabrication: Pro Solid
Photography: James Taylor
  • Benchtop
  • Decorative Cladding

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