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Childrens Hospital, North Adelaide

The site of the Sacred Space is within the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in North Adelaide, Australia. With space at a premium in the hospital, an empty and underutilised courtyard was allocated which provided quite a number of design challenges. Working with the hospital chaplain, the aim was to build a space that was harmonious, facilitated contemplation and allowed a feeling of ‘retreat’ within the hospital precinct, for a myriad of users. An important requirement was for the space to be diverse and for people of various religious denominations and beliefs.

It was important that the labyrinth not only looked lovely but functioned well in a hospital and foot traffic environment. Corian® was the material of choice due to the nature of being able to polish any joints, allow for it to be walked on and be set flush within the polished concrete flooring. It was a material that passed all hardwearing and infection control requirements of the hospital. We also used the Corian® colour Sun, as feature wall cladding in the building.

One of the key features that the chaplain wanted to incorporate was the labyrinth motif in the polished concrete flooring to connect the internal space with the outdoor reflective garden courtyard. The labyrinth was viewed as a reflection of one’s journey and a key design feature within the Sacred Space.

Overall it is a very successful project and one that is greatly embraced by the hospital community. The space symbolises the new ‘harmonious heart’ of the hospital.

Project Details

Design By: Matt Martin & Allison Scarborough of Detail Studio
Joiner: Parma Cabinets / Bicton Constructions
Fabrication: SA Solid Surface Fabricators
  • Decorative Flooring

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