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Art Forms: A Confluence of Art and Architecture

In the heart of Fitzroy, the backdrop is set with a Victorian terrace house. This wasn’t just a renovation; it was the coming together of an architect’s vision and a sculptor’s dream. The aim was simple yet profound: to bring life to the artist’s grayscale 3D models that conveyed powerful conceptual ideas.

Originally, the house was a beautiful Victorian spectacle but required renovations. Dark and awkward centres, a small living area, no ensuite in the main bedroom, and a lack of storage were some of its challenges. However, the Artist Owner, with their grayscale 3D models, provided a roadmap to a transformation.

The architects reimagined the steep old Victorian staircase, making it not just a pathway but a statement piece, glowing from within. A once unused under stairs area now houses a secret laundry and powder room, painted in a serene shade of blue.

The main bedroom upstairs is an architectural marvel in itself. It now boasts a sprawling space that serves as a sleeping and relaxation zone. Two grand Victorian windows, overlooking the street, provide it with an authentic European apartment vibe. The skylit ensuite and a walk-in robe are tastefully tucked behind, ensuring functionality meets aesthetics.

In a house where every nook and corner was designed to celebrate art, the kitchen was no exception. Hindley & Co.’s design called for a kitchen where the artwork and furniture would be the protagonists. 12mm Corian® Antarctica, provided a counterbalance to the bright colours of the artworks and the furniture in the living room.

For the homeowners, the house isn’t just a place to live; it’s a canvas to showcase their journey as artists. A journey that is evident in every piece of art that adorns the walls and spaces of this home.

Spaces have been thoughtfully carved, and light strategically introduced to illuminate these artworks. Even the built-in TV unit doubles up as a stage for sculptural pieces, illuminated by the skylight above.

Colour plays a pivotal role in this house. Far from shying away from it, it’s been embraced to create a symphony between the art pieces and the functional elements of the home. The Togo Fireside replica sofa’s colour seamlessly complements the living room sculptures, bringing in an element of softness and texture.

“We have used Corian on multiple projects and enjoy specifying it. Our clients are always happy with the finished result and know that they will have a bench top that is durable and will last whilst being harmonious with our design intent..”

Art Forms isn’t just a residential project. It’s a testimony to what’s possible when art and architecture come together. The harmony between spaces, the interplay of light and shadow, and the judicious use of colour make it a masterpiece in its own right. A true ode to the artist’s journey, and a testament to the architects’ vision and craftsmanship.


Project Details

Design By: Hindley & Co. with Dennis Daniel
Photography: Tatjana Plitt
  • 12mm Benchtops

CORIAN® Colours


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