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Arch Deco

Anne Hindley and the team at Hindley & Co Architecture and Interiors used tone-on-tone colour and space layering to reinvigorate this grand double storey heritage house in Balwyn.

Anne amplified the great features of the original house and got playful with referencing them in the contemporary rework. The existing arches of the library and the yellow, pink and green terrazzo of the existing bathroom were repeated thematically.

The clients wanted a high quality and contemporary outcome that nodded to the existing house’s Art Deco glamour, whilst staying within their budget.

Corian® was used for its sculptural and durable nature that fit within the client’s budget. Being able to select from a variety of material finishes and custom forms created a unique and special home for the clients.

The layering and borrowing of space, light and tone allows for the house to become larger, functional, moodier and a beautiful home to inhabit. We took cues from the history of the house to inform our design response and incorporated contemporary design strategies to update the house to the clients’ living values. Our application of these cues creates a unique and special home for the clients.

“Using Corian® within this project we learnt the potential forms that could be incorporated through curved and double curved applications such as the kitchen benchtop and bathroom Vanities.” Said Anne Hindley.

Ensuring a high level of detail for finishes and materials were key to this project’s success. Sculpting the kitchen and bathroom benches from Corian® allowed Hindley & Co to create references to the Art Deco style in a contemporary manner.

Project Details

Design By: Anne Hindley of Hindley & Co Architecture and Interiors
Builder: Baker Building Group

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