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Caulfield Sound Shell

The Caulfield Sound Shell is a bespoke, high quality, student oriented, multi-purpose performance space that offers year round a purpose built permanent performance space for the students and wider campus community of the Caulfield campus of Monash University.

Located adjacent to the newly designed Common Lawn and opposite the campus library the project is the central architectural feature of the newly designed campus. It provides a space for a range of activities, from music and theatre performances, to dance, displays and film screenings as well as an informal outdoor meeting space in the center of the campus.

The project is collaboratively designed, fabricated and built by students from Monash Department of Architecture and the University of Kassel, Germany, and consist of more than 12,000 geometrically unique components.

Corian® was chosen for this unique and innovative structure as it enabled us to achieve the desired complex doubly curved geometries of the façade and provided us with a high-quality surface finish that is durable, has minimal maintenance requirements and can be used as a projection surface.

In order to achieve the complex non-repetitive doubly curved geometries of all 312 individual Corian® façade panels we developed a novel mould making process using heat resistant high-density foam, a bespoke cutting strategy using a 6-axis industrial robot as well as a new L-bracket connection that connects the Corian® panels to primary and secondary structural timber components.

The Caulfield Sound Shell is a project by students for students.

Project Details

Design By: Tim Schork (Monash University) and Markus Schein (Kassel University) in collaboration with students, RAW: Monash Future Material and Fabrication Laboratory, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Art Design & Architecture (MADA), Monash University
Fabrication: Individual Design and Construction
  • Decorative Wall Cladding

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