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The Artistry Behind Sam Yang Plastic Surgery’s Design

Nestled in a compact space, the Sam Yang Plastic Surgery clinic exudes elegance and efficiency. This boutique establishment, with its consulting, minor procedures theatre, and recovery rooms, has been deftly designed by Giova Fellows to optimise circulation for doctors, administrative staff, and patients. The reception area, the clinic’s beating heart, serves all spaces seamlessly. Its innovative curved shape not only enhances the space’s functionality but also brings forth an aesthetic appeal. The curvature offers universal access, endowing the space with a soft, welcoming feel whilst maintaining efficiency.

Corian® emerged as the go-to material for this project, offering a matchless blend of performance and appearance. Its versatility proved invaluable, especially in the reception area, where the need to navigate tight spaces necessitated fluid curves to facilitate better circulation. Corian® allowed the design team to soften the edges in consulting rooms, integrating cove splashbacks and tops for an uninterrupted, easy-to-clean work surface that’s both stain-resistant and antibacterial.

The design challenge lay in the manipulation of materials typically used straight, such as timber and laminates, into curvatures. Given that this is a plastic surgery clinic, the introduction of curves resonated well with the essence of the services offered. It symbolised the compassionate environment the clinic endeavours to provide for its patients, be it aesthetic or reconstructive surgery. The objective was clear: offer patients a haven that felt calming, private, and safe, all while ensuring the design was sturdy, durable, and hygienic.

Colour played a critical role in defining the clinic’s ambiance. Whitecap, with its speckled texture, was chosen for the reception counter, offering a subtle contrast to the space. Its unique appearance diminished the surface’s bulkiness, harmoniously blending with the furniture’s vibrant tones and the surrounding classic materials. This blend ensures the environment feels tranquil yet spirited. Meanwhile, Glacier White found its place in the consulting rooms, perfectly aligning with the cabinetry fronts.

What sets the Sam Yang Plastic Surgery clinic apart is the intricate detailing in creating the central pod. Each layer, from the structure to the shell, demanded intensive focus during design, fabrication, and installation. This necessitated a synergised effort from the architect, joiner, Corian® fabricator, and builder. Understanding the capabilities of Corian® was not just central to its selection but also pivotal in the design process. Collaborative detailing and design with all involved parties were instrumental in bringing the vision to life.

Project Details

Design By: Giova Fellows and the team at Quod Architecture
Joiner: KNC Joinery
Fabrication: Swanson Joinery
Photography: Mindi Cooke

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