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Kirribilli Apartment

When it comes to interior design, few projects shine as brilliantly as the Kirribilli apartment. Situated on the ground floor, this three-bedroom marvel is more than just a space to reside – it’s a testament to meticulous design and the magic of materials like Corian®.


The primary material of choice for the apartment’s kitchen bench and eatery top was Corian, in the alluring shade of Witch Hazel. But why Corian®?

The unique composition of Corian® provides a surface that has unmatched malleability. This allowed the design to feature a benchtop with an illusion of “thinness” reminiscent of a draped tablecloth. This concept was central to the overarching design philosophy of the apartment. Moreover, the practical properties of Corian®, including its durability and ease of maintenance, made it an obvious choice.

The standout feature? A seamless design where the Corian® curved effortlessly from the bench working top right to the eatery bench, showcasing its flexibility and aesthetic appeal.

Every project is a journey of discovery. For the Kirribilli apartment, the challenge lay in bookmatching the sheets. While this presented initial hurdles, the adept fabricators at Palette solid surfaces and fabrications masterfully navigated the challenge, ensuring a flawless finish.

The project’s completion was marked by a beautifully sculpted use of the Witch Hazel Corian®. This seamless top complemented the overall interior design magnificently, underscoring the apartment’s ethos of unity and fluidity.

In the world of design, it’s projects like the Kirribilli apartment that set benchmarks, reminding us of the potential spaces hold when imagination meets craftsmanship.

Project Details

Design By: Laurie Liskowski, Liskowski Architects
Builder: AKJ
Joiner: AKJ
Fabrication: Palette Solid Surfaces and Fabrications
Photography: Laurie Liskowski
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