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Continuum Obsidian turntable

State-of-the-art turntable designers, Continuum Audio Labs, spent over a decade researching turntable design to create the Continuum Obsidian.

Continuum Audio Labs specified DuPont™ Corian® to use on the nested platter as it matched closely with the mechanical impedance of vinyl.

One of the key points for the turntable design was to reduce as much vibration and audio interference when playing vinyl. The shape and materials of the platter were selected through finite-element analysis (FEA) modelling, to damp vibration emerging from the record and stylus as well as vibrations from the ground or base. Continuum Audio Labs specified Corian®, as it was an ideal material to direct vibration away from the record playing surface.

The seamless design of Corian® contributed to the sleek design of the turntable, while providing a solid, smooth surface for the record to be placed without a reduction in sound quality.

With an extensive range of Corian® colours to select from, Continuum Audio Labs was able to pick a colour to match perfectly with the rest of the turntables design. They selected, Corian® Deep Nocturne.

Corian® can be used for many applications and its flexible design properties provide designers and architects with new ways of achieving creative, and often abstract, design outcomes.

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Design By: Continuum Audio Labs

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