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iCity Kiosk – Perth, Australia

This iCity Information Kiosk designed by Coniglio Ainsworth Architects is the final phase of the Forrest place redevelopment project and was opened by the Rt Hon. Lord Major Ms Lisa Scaffidi on behalf of the City of Perth.

The public service counter is a fundamental component of the corporate branding of the kiosk “front of house”.  Thousands of members of public will interact with volunteer staff at the counter annually and Corian® was the ideal selection to compliment the internationally identifiable information branding colour.

Corian® was specifically selected for the outer Public Service Countertop and the inner combined Brochure Display and Staff Tea Prep unit for its ability to be thermoformed into complex curves, ensuring these elements would complement the overriding form of the kiosk.

The countertop is cantilevered to avoid the need for any internal support legs, providing complete freedom for staff to position themselves within the kiosk to best address the public.  This also maximises the functionality and accessibility for volunteer staff that use wheelchairs.  The counter height also accommodates public wheelchair access externally.  The Corian® counter has smooth rounded edges internally and externally helping minimise discomfort and the potential for incidental bruises and scratches to members of the public and volunteer staff alike.  A significant number of the volunteer staff are elderly so such considerations were key to the project.

External curved brochure display slots have been integrated into the outer face of the counter to enable people to quickly obtain information in a “grab and go” fashion rather than having to interact with service staff.  Corian® enabled a seamless welded junction between these counter and external brochure display surfaces.

Corian® was also chosen for the counter due to its UV stability, maintenance properties and resistance to vandalism, as the outer external portion of the counter is subjected to direct sunlight, driving rain and the public after hours.

The Kiosk provides a dynamic gateway between Forrest Place and Murray Street Mall and an exciting welcome point for tourists and visitors to the City.

Project Details

Design By: Coniglio Ainsworth Architects
Builder: Northerly Group (builder)
Joiner: Northerly Group (builder)
Fabrication: Foster Postforming
Photography: Trasko Industrial Photographics
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